How Can Attorneys Demonstrate Their Credibility?

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How Can Attorneys Demonstrate Their Credibility?

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Credibility plays a big part in someone’s decision to hire or even contact an attorney; the trouble for many attorneys is not the credibility itself, but communicating that credibility to potential clients. The good news is that communicating an attorney’s credibility does not have to feel forced, nor does it take a great deal of effort. Attorney videos, blogs, and FAQ lists are effective ways for an attorney to display their experience and subject matter authority in a completely natural way that is inherently valuable to potential clients.

Additionally, these methods of credibility communication can be shared on a variety of platforms, from a law firm’s website to various social media platforms and even email. Displaying your knowledge of both the practice areas in question and the specific questions your clients are likely to have is a great way to build a reputation of credibility and compassion at the same time.

The following are three easy ways for an attorney to demonstrate their credibility:

  • Videos: Attorney videos are a great way for lawyers to showcase their experience and industry-knowledge, building their credibility as well as making a valuable “face-to-face” impression. In a world where in-person meetings are increasingly uncommon, videos also provide a way for clients and potential clients to feel like they are getting to know you on a more personal level. While recording an attorney video might sound daunting, it’s important to remember that these videos can be short, sweet, and you can even hire someone else to record and/or edit them for you, saving you valuable time while creating a resource that clients will love.
  • Blogs: Writing a blog is another excellent way to showcase your expertise as a lawyer; topics for blog posts can be extremely wide-ranging. While it might sound time-consuming, it’s important to remember that you can commit to whatever schedule works for you; while it’s generally recommended to post no less than two new articles a month, these posts can be as short as 500 words, answering common questions or discussing recurring phenomena in your field which clients might have a genuine interest in. If you choose to use blogs to demonstrate your credibility, remember to run a quick spell check and maybe have a colleague quickly skim over it to prevent any minor errors which could lessen its impact.
  • FAQs: An FAQ list is one of the first places a client or potential client is likely to go when they have questions. Showing that you know what type of questions people are asking in your field, as well as providing clear and concise answers to those questions is a great way to show that you know both your market and your field. Any law firm’s website which does include an FAQ page is encouraged to add one and update it as necessary. FAQ lists can also be added on social media profiles and even Google Business Profiles for a quick way to show clients with questions that you do, in fact, have the answers they’re looking for.

For more ways to demonstrate your credibility as an attorney, reach out to a legal marketing expert.


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