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How Can a Trial Lawyer Help After a Truck Accident?

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How Can a Trial Lawyer Help After a Truck Accident?

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Any attorney can take a case to trial, but trial lawyers specifically undergo additional client advocacy training and tend to spend a good deal more time in the courtroom than other attorneys. Especially in regard to truck accidents, it is important to seek out a trial attorney if there is any sense that you are unlikely to receive a fair settlement from the insurance provider or trucking company without going to court. This is unfortunately more common than not.

Truck accidents tend to be particularly catastrophic due to the size, weight, and velocity of the objects involved; this in turn leads to higher levels of damages in need of compensation. In general, the more extreme the damages, the less likely it is that the injured party will receive a sufficient settlement outside of court. To learn more about what makes a trial lawyer different or to discuss your case, reach out to a trial attorney.

Insurance companies are more likely to offer higher settlements to trial attorneys.

This is true for multiple reasons. When an insurance provider faces off with a reputable trial attorney, they are fully aware that any reticence to offer fair compensation on their part can result in a lengthy and expensive trial process for them. Additionally, truck accident companies and insurance providers keep a running list of trial attorneys as well as their success rate. If you bring a known and successful trial attorney on board to help with your truck accident case, it is quite possible the trucking company will realize their likelihood of losing in court and skip the litigation by offering a fair settlement upfront.

Hiring a trial attorney prepares you for all contingencies.

Of course, if a trucking company or insurance provider does not offer a fair settlement upfront and you have a trial attorney on your side, you are already prepared to go to court. These attorneys have experience communicating with juries and presenting the facts of the case in court. A trial attorney can give you the best chance at success if a trucking company chooses to take the matter to court rather than settle out. Whereas another attorney might be far less comfortable going to trial, in the worst cases resulting in the attorney encouraging you to take an insufficient settlement to avoid a trial they don’t believe they can win.

Talk to more than one attorney, and ask about their trial experience.

While some cases may be sufficiently handled by a good deal of personal injury lawyers, some cases are unlikely to resolve successfully without the help of a trial attorney. As you reach out for second opinions from multiple lawyers, don’t forget to ask about that attorney’s trial experience, as well as their experience handling cases like yours. Ask if the attorney is board-certified in trial law, or check your state’s board-certification website for a trial-certified lawyer.

Truck accident trial lawyers do not cost more than any other personal injury lawyer.

It is important to note that hiring an expert in courtroom procedure does not cost more than hiring another truck accident attorney. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations and work on contingency; this means they don’t get paid unless they win your case. This allows injured parties and their families to focus on healing and recovery rather than worrying about finances. It also ensures that every injured person has the equal opportunity to hire a trial lawyer to handle their case rather than another lawyer with more experience settling.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, reach out to a trial-certified truck accident attorney to discuss your options for physical and financial recovery.

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