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Hawaii Pedestrian Accidents

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Hawaii Pedestrian Accidents

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Hawaii is a beautiful, remote, and relatively small place. This can inspire people to walk to their destinations rather than drive, taking time to enjoy the scenery and advantage of shorter distances. However, traffic accidents have been and continue to be a problem in Hawaii, and pedestrian accidents are no exception.

It is vital for drivers to remain alert and focused at all times to avoid devastating accidents. It is also imperative that people choose safe driving practices, such as not driving while tired or under the influence. Doing so can have catastrophic consequences, both for the victims of these accidents and their families. Pedestrians can help mitigate risk by using crosswalks whenever possible and keeping an eye out for drivers behaving erratically. If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Hawaii, reach out to a pedestrian accident attorney in the area to learn about your options for physical and financial recovery.

Common types of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii:

  • Crosswalk accidents: Crosswalk pedestrian accidents are alarmingly common in Hawaii. Cars are required to stop before any crosswalk in which a person has stepped off the curb, or when otherwise directed by traffic signals. It is unclear why pedestrian accidents continue to occur in crosswalks where the pedestrian is so clearly visible, but driver distraction and inattention are largely suspected to be the problem. Whenever you are driving in an area with crosswalks or where people may otherwise be expected to cross the street, slow down and watch for pedestrians along curbs and sidewalks preparing to cross the street.
  • Highway accidents: Highway accidents occur when a pedestrian attempts to cross a highway without the aid of a crosswalk. This could happen during times of heavy traffic, or none at all. While a pedestrian should certainly avoid crossing a highway at all costs, if a car injures or kills a pedestrian crossing that highway, the driver will most likely still be considered liable to some degree.
  • Dart-out accidents: Dart-out accidents can occur on any kind of street, roadway, highway, and even at crosswalks. When someone attempts to dash across the street, narrowly avoiding traffic, this is considered a dart-out and is dangerous not only for themself but also for the other people and vehicles in the vicinity. Unfortunately, dart-out accidents are particularly common with children who run into the street, unaware of the danger. It is imperative that parents watch their children around any kind of roadway, and prevent them from crossing except when absolutely safe.

In any of the above situations, it is important to note that liability does not always fall with one party or the other. In many cases, especially highway and dart-out accidents, liability may be shared between both the driver and the pedestrian. However, liability is far less likely to fall with the pedestrian if they were using a crosswalk at the time of the accident. One of the best ways a pedestrian can protect themselves both legally and physically is to properly use crosswalks whenever possible, and avoid jaywalking or otherwise crossing in unsafe areas.

To learn more about pedestrian safety in Hawaii, or for help filing a claim, reach out to a pedestrian accident attorney.

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