Hairdresser Awarded $925,000 in Car Accident Settlement

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Hairdresser Awarded $925,000 in Car Accident Settlement

A 67-year-old hairdresser was going to visit her granddaughter’s music concert. She was travelling in the #3 lane of a three lane roadway. Another driver was in the #2 lane of the roadway and crossed into the hairdresser’s lane of travel, causing a crash. The driver who crossed into the hairdresser’s lane’s airbag deployed, and both vehicles sustained structural damage. The hairdresser was treated by a chiropractor. She hired a lawyer, who worked on the case for six months and did not understand issues relating to the hairdresser’s traumatic brain injury sustained in the crash. Once The Law Offices of Pius Joseph stepped in, the underappreciated TBI issues were checked out through MRI/FMRI and neurological evaluations. The hairdresser also underwent a laminectomy for spinal injury. The results of the case were favorable for the hairdresser. The case was mediated with a strong attack on the skewed up results by the defendant's neuropsychologist based on the raw data and explaining brain injury using strong demonstrative visuals. Eventually, the case settled for $925,000.00.

What To Do If You Are Injured in a Car Accident

After seeking medical aid and contacting police, it is very important that you document the scene of the accident as best as you can. If you are contacted by insurance, you should not say anything to them until you have spoken to an attorney. Our law firm offers free consultations for victims of car accidents. It costs you nothing to ask for an attorney’s opinion on how to proceed forward with your accident and injury case. Written on behalf of Pius Joseph by™


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