Five Ways to Put Attorney Videos to Use

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Five Ways to Put Attorney Videos to Use

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Attorney videos are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for law firms around the country; not only does video marketing present a valuable opportunity to engage professionally with potential clients on a face-to-face level with minimal effort, but it can also serve as a significant boost to existing marketing efforts. For example, incorporating attorney videos into a law firm’s website or social media campaign can give the impression that a law firm is both proactive and up-to-date. The many ways video marketing can be used are just part of what makes them a valuable investment for attorneys and law firms. 

Five ways attorney videos can be put to use include:

  1. Landing page content. A website’s landing pages are extremely important to retaining visitor attention and turning potential clients into actual clients. A landing page that is not engaging, clear, and easy to navigate may not hold the interest of a visiting consumer, making them more likely to click away from the landing page to find one that delivers the information they are looking for in a more effective manner. Attorney videos are a great way to spice up an otherwise unassuming website, giving it a unique and professional edge that other landing pages might not have.
  2. Social media content. Studies have shown that many people prefer to watch videos rather than read written content, and this trend is especially noticeable on social media. Video is becoming so common on social media that a profile with solely short-form written posts and shared articles may give the impression of being behind the times, whereas a law firm that actively releases new video content will look proactive and engaged with their target market, as well as the way their target market prefers to consume information. 
  3. Email marketing. For law firms that find themselves running short on what kind of content to include in their email marketing campaign or newsletter, videos can provide an excellent solution. In fact, in an inbox filled with promotional material including advertisements and written content, a high-quality email from a reputable law firm might provide a welcome change and make a potential client more likely to click on the video and watch it all the way through.
  4. Targeted marketing. Videos can provide an excellent opportunity for targeted marketing; with the ability to address specific audiences about specific issues in each individual video, few forms of marketing content feel more personal. The potential specificity of video marketing makes it a valuable tool to include in any kind of targeted marketing campaign, giving the impression that the firm and its attorneys truly do know and understand the market in question, as well as the kind of content that the market wants to see.
  5. Vlogging. For attorneys and law firms that don’t particularly enjoy or have trouble committing to writing and publishing high-quality blog articles on a consistent basis, video blogging or “vlogging” might be a good solution. While it is still recommended to provide content in both written and video form to appeal to all consumer types, vlogging can take off some of the pressure an attorney might feel while writing, allowing them to speak openly and easily to a camera and microphone rather than focusing on more reading and writing.

To learn more about attorney videos and their myriad of uses, reach out to AskTheLawyers™.


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