Five LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Attorneys and Law Firms

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Five LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Attorneys and Law Firms

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There are a variety of ways attorneys and law firms can engage with social media to increase their visibility. One of the most important platforms for legal professionals to maintain a presence on is LinkedIn. Unlike some other social media platforms, LinkedIn is primarily used for professional purposes and networking. Not only is it an expected way for industry professionals to vet potential hiring candidates, but for those who work in corporate or business law, may also be a great way to attract new clients. Additionally, LinkedIn can provide valuable networking opportunities for other people you may want to work with in the legal industry.

The following five tips can help make sure lawyers and law firms are getting the most out of their LinkedIn profile:

  • Post the right type of content. It’s important to understand what type of content visitors to your profile expect to see on LinkedIn. Unlike some other social media platforms, LinkedIn posts need to adhere to a stricter level of relevance and professionalism. Whatever you post should be relevant to the practice areas you and your firm represent; successful LinkedIn posts are often highly informational and yet personally engaging. Posting content that offers explanations for common questions or things your target market needs to know typically perform well on this platform.
  • Post a variety of content. It’s not enough to create and share the right type of content; you also want to provide variety in the way that content is communicated. For example, original or shared blog articles, how-to guides, videos, and photos are all great ways to promote your practice and can give your profile a well-rounded feel. Using a variety of formats to share content also ensures that you are appealing to a variety of tastes; some people would rather read than watch a video, whereas others would much rather watch a short clip of an attorney speaking than read a one-thousand-word article.
  • Engage consistently. It’s a good idea to post on LinkedIn at least once a day, but if this schedule doesn’t seem like something you’ll be able to stick to, you might choose to post two or three times a week instead. The key to engaging on any social media platform is consistency; decide what day, what time, and what type of content you intend to share, and then make sure you stick to that schedule. A LinkedIn profile with content shared here or there without any consistency can look disengaged and unprofessional.
  • Use LinkedIn analytics to figure out what works. Like many social media platforms, LinkedIn offers analytics to show you which posts resulted in the most engagement. These can be a great way to figure out what strategies are working and which ones are falling flat. For example, if videos are receiving a lot of engagement, you might want to utilize those more in the future.
  • Consider your competitors. Attorneys and law firms across the board should have a presence on LinkedIn; the good news about this is that it provides you with easy access to see what kind of marketing efforts your competitors are engaging in, and what’s working from them. While stealing content is obviously a no-no, if you notice a competitor is getting a lot of engagement from a certain type of post, you might want to consider producing similar content.

To learn more about LinkedIn for lawyers, reach out to a legal marketing professional.


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