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Does Your Law Firm Really Need Videos?

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Does Your Law Firm Really Need Videos?

Written by™


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Industries across the board have been taking advantage of the benefits offered by video marketing. In the past, video marketing was considered optional, an extra benefit for website and social media visitors. However, in a world where so much business is done online and videos are becoming a (if not the) primary deliverer of information and entertainment, video marketing is no longer optional.

Curiously, law firms and attorneys have been one of the last to hop on the trend; with 81% of businesses using video marketing as a tool, and that number increasing by approximately 60% each year (Hubspot), legal marketing experts are strongly encouraging law firms to take advantage of the visibility and user-appeal provided by attorney videos.

According to Wyzowl, 80% of people reported purchasing a product after watching a video about it.

This statistic is significant; many people prefer to research a product or service before purchasing it. In the legal industry where money is almost always a concern for clients, providing helpful and informative video content is a good way to do the client’s research for them, making their choice as easy as possible by providing them with the answers to their questions before they even ask.

This is also a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients without a face-to-face meeting. Unlike standard retail industries, a lawyer and client typically work closely together; therefore, displaying your personality and subject-matter authority in video form can only help.

Law firms that do not offer any video content risk looking out of date.

In recent years, video marketing has become so prevalent that attorneys and law firms who do not offer video content can look out of touch, out of date, and disengaged. With any business, a big part of convincing a potential client to trust you is proving that you are competitive in your field, and that you know what type of quality they expect. Quality here refers to both the professional and well-spoken content a client wants to see, as well as the quality of the video itself.

Since video is such a popular medium for information dissemination and entertainment, consumers' standards are climbing each year. This means that grainy video quality and fuzzy sound aren’t likely to hold their attention for long, especially when there are so many other options for better-quality videos out there.

Attorney videos are multi-faceted, multi-purpose, and cost-effective.

Additionally, these videos can serve to reveal an attorney’s experience, credibility, presentation skills, compassion, and more. One video may be used in a myriad of ways, from a text-replacement or addition on a website landing page to social media marketing material. This makes attorney videos not only cost-effective, but extremely versatile.

While it’s certainly important to provide high-quality audio-visual content, and this may require hiring an outside legal marketing service, any money spent on a single video is really going toward any future promotion that could benefit from the video itself.

To learn more about video marketing for attorneys and law firms, reach out to AskTheLawyers™.

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