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Defective Product Claims Rising Relating to Marijuana Products

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Defective Product Claims Rising Relating to Marijuana Products

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The marijuana industry has experienced enormous growth over the past several years as the substance has achieved varying levels of legalization across the country. And as with any budding new industry, there will be obstacles - and some of those obstacles are taking the form of defective marijuana products. So far, only a small number of claims have been made against the producers, manufacturers and sellers of such products, but this number is expected to increase.

Defective THC Cartridges Linked to Injury, Death for E-Cigarette Users

Across the country, thousands have suffered lung injury and dozens have died after utilizing vaping products. While the direct cause of these injuries and deaths has not been confirmed, the evidence suggests that most of the victims used vaping products containing THC.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has conducted several studies regarding the use of these products, though it has not been tracking the sources of the products that are believed to have caused injuries and deaths. Black market, counterfeit products may be the key cause of this problem.

However, these allegedly defective THC products are not the only possible cause of injury for users of marijuana products. A few other factors may lead to grounds for a marijuana injury case, including:

  • Failure to warn of risks
  • Misleading or false advertising.
  • Product contamination
  • Unsafe packaging

While the probability of a fatal marijuana overdose is essentially zero, this does not change the fact that marijuana is an intoxicant. Consumption of such drugs can lead to serious consequences. Adding to the danger is the potentially toxic mix of chemicals added to black market THC vaping cartridges.

If you believe that you have suffered injuries caused by defective marijuana products, please contact a personal injury attorney in your area.

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