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Complications With Gastric Bypass Surgery? It Could Be Medical Malpractice, Attorney Says

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Complications With Gastric Bypass Surgery? It Could Be Medical Malpractice, Attorney Says

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In a recent video interview, a medical malpractice attorney warned that a gastric bypass surgery could cause major complications if the surgical team isn't careful.

Attorney Michael Warshauer issued these warnings in a discussion with™. He was discussing gastric bypass surgery, which could involve removing portions of the stomach or intestine, depending on the type of surgery. In cases where portions of intestine or stomach is removed, the remaining sections need to be stitched back together, and a subpar job of stitching can lead to an anastomotic leak. In an anastomotic leak, fluid from the gastrointestinal tract leaks into the sterile abdominal cavity, which could then lead to sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Warshauer explained that this is an extremely profitable surgery for many hospitals. This means that medical teams will perform the surgery, even if not everyone on the team is adequately trained to do so.

Warshauer said that one of the most dangerous elements of this surgery is that the doctor's ego can stop them from admitting to a surgical error.

"Even the best of surgeons can have a small leak," Warshauer said. "That's not the issue. The issue that we see is the failure to appreciate the leak before the leak becomes life-threatening. Too often we'll see a doctor who has too much self confidence, who thinks: 'There's no way I made a leak!' and fails to detect it. And that's where the bad results happen."

Warshauer said that it could be hours, days, or even weeks before the patient realizes that something is wrong.

He stressed that not every leak is the result of medical malpractice. An investigation can determine if the doctor made a mistake out of line with common medical practices.

Warshauer's firm has a full-time doctor on staff to help review the validity of all potential medical malpractice claims, a rarity in the personal injury field.

Michael Warshauer is an attorney with the Warshauer Law Group in Atlanta with over three decades of experience. He has a history of obtaining verdicts and settlements exceeding tens of millions of dollars. Rated one of Georgia's Super Lawyers for nine years running, he is one of the few Board Certified Trial Advocates in Georgia to focus his practice on helping those with catastrophic injuries. He can be reached at 888-981-5602.

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