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Common Injuries of Electric Scooter Accidents

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Common Injuries of Electric Scooter Accidents

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Electric scooters or E-scooters have become increasingly popular, especially in urban environments where driving a car everywhere isn’t feasible due to traffic or lack of space on the road. These scooters provide an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to other modes of transportation.

However, it’s important to note that they come with inherent dangers that haven’t been addressed in any significant way, with injuries from these devices jumping 83% from 2017 to 2018. according to a study published by JAMA Surgery.

According to Market Watch, E-scooter riders between the ages of 18 and 34 years old are the most likely to be injured on one of these devices. One of the biggest hazards of the E-scooters appears to be the lack of helmet-wearing going on within E-scooter users, with 95%-98% of injured riders not wearing helmets at the time of their injury. Since the current legislation regarding helmet-wearing for E-scooter riders ranges from unclear to absent and varies from state to state, this isn’t particularly surprising.

Common injuries in electric scooter accidents:

  • Head injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Fractures to skull, face, and cervical spine
  • Road rash
  • Shin fractures
  • Ankle fractures
  • Jaw fractures

It can be hard to identify a head injury when they occur, so if there’s any chance you might have struck your head on any surface or object, make sure to be aware of symptoms which occur from head injuries such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, difficulty focusing, loss of balance, blurry vision, weakness or numbness in different parts of the body, slurred speech, difficulty sleeping, difficulty waking, and loss of hearing, smell, or taste. When choosing to ride an electric scooter, it’s important to wear helmets and exercise extreme caution to avoid sustaining one of the many common injuries involved in electric scooter accidents.

Liability in E-scooter accidents largely depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident, but the potential to recoup damages is significantly lower than other personal injury cases.

Were other parties involved? If so, to what extent? Was the accident caused or worsened by defective or broken pieces of the scooter? Like most personal injury cases, the party determined to be most at-fault for the accident is the most likely to be financially responsible for any resulting damages, including medical bills, lost wages, etc. However, unlike other personal injury cases, there tend to be fewer avenues to pursue compensation.

While drivers are often required to have some kind of insurance that can help pay for someone’s damages if they are involved in or cause an accident, electric scooter companies have claimed from the outset of their business that they have no liability in any accidents that occur with their products. This means that the victim of an E-scooter accident is more likely to be stuck paying their own damages than in other types of personal injury claims.

Electric scooters present specific dangers to their riders, including not only injuries ranging from mild to fatal, but also significant financial risk increased by the lack of potential avenues through which to pursue compensation. If you or a loved one were injured or killed in an electric scooter accident, seek legal counsel to learn what legal action you might be eligible for.

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