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Can Sporadic Marketing Do More Harm Than Good for Law Firms?

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Can Sporadic Marketing Do More Harm Than Good for Law Firms?

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One of the biggest marketing mistakes lawyers make is sporadic marketing; writing a new blog article once in a blue moon or engaging on social media whenever you remember can actually do more harm than good to your professional reputation. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for attorneys to fall into sporadic marketing habits; lawyers are busy and it can be hard to carve out time for anything other than casework. However, it is extremely important to do so. You could be the best lawyer in the world, but without marketing, it’s unlikely anyone will hear about it.

Consistency is typically perceived as reliability.

People seeking legal help are often experiencing one of the most uncertain periods of their life; this is important to keep in mind for a law firm’s marketing endeavors. A law firm or attorney who consistently releases new content, shares a post, or engages on social media at the same time each week is more likely to build a reputation of reliability. On the other hand, if a potential client visits a law firm’s social media profile only to find one or two posts scattered weeks or months apart, they are more likely to look elsewhere for a law firm that makes consistent public engagement a priority.

Consistency is an important part of professionalism.

Although reliability in itself is an extremely important part of an attorney’s reputation, professionalism is an equally important element. A big part of professionalism is consistency. When a law firm doesn’t keep up with a marketing effort they started such as a blog, social media profile, or even a line of attorney videos, the result looks forgetful and unprofessional. An attorney or law firm who engages in regular marketing efforts, updating them as necessary appears up-to-date and proactive.

Make a schedule you can live with and stick to it.

If regularly engaging in some kind of marketing sounds intimidating, it may help to make a schedule; remember, if you don’t think you’ll be able to post consistently every day, your schedule can reflect that. Committing to an overzealous marketing plan is a good way to find yourself falling behind, unable to keep up and turning to sporadic marketing. For example, if you feel that you will only be able to write a new blog post once a month, do so. Pick a day of the month and commit to having a new post written by and published on that day. For social media, if posting new or shared content every day does not sound like a commitment you’re ready to make, consider posting every other day, or even once a week. Whatever you decide on, consistency is key.

Adjust your marketing approach as necessary to maintain consistency.

If you still aren’t seeing much momentum from your marketing endeavors, try to carve out and commit a little more time to a more frequent but equally consistent approach. If this is truly impossible due to time constraints, consider hiring a legal marketing service to do the work for you. Consistency in marketing is important enough that it deserves whatever you can spare, be it time to do it yourself or money to hire someone else. Whatever you decide, make a plan and stick to it. Don’t leave visitors to your blog, website, or social media profile wondering where you disappeared to or when they will hear from you again. Give potential clients something they can rely on, and watch your professional reputation bloom.

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