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Birth Injury Attorney: Don’t Expect Doctors to Apologize

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Birth Injury Attorney: Don’t Expect Doctors to Apologize

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In a recent video interview, an Atlanta birth injury attorney went into detail on everything family members need to do after a serious injury takes place involving childbirth.

In the interview with™, she explained the challenges faced by families after a birth injury occurs. She also addressed the question of why Georgia has the highest maternal death rate per capita in the United States. She said it is a combination of pre-existing health issues being made worse by pregnancy, as well as community hospitals failing to recognize problems that arise during and after the delivery process.

Warshauer warned that hospitals are not always forthcoming when mistakes occur during childbirth that cause serious consequences.

"There are occasions where a hospital will come to a family and say that something happened and may apologize for it or try to make it right, but that is, in fact, very, very, rare," she said. "So determining whether something went wrong is quite an investigatory process, but there certainly are signs in either mom or baby that might indicate that there's a reason to look into that."

Some of these signs include not breathing, seizing or discoloration with the baby, or if the mother bleeds profusely or goes into a coma. Warshauer stressed that anyone who experienced something going wrong during or after childbirth needs to contact a lawyer right away so they can begin an investigation and preserve evidence while they still can.

Lyle Griffin Warshauer is Senior Partner and Co-founder of Warshauer Law Group based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been a passionate trial lawyer, constitutional scholar, and highly-regarded appellate advocate for multiple decades. She manages the appellate practice at her firm, and she is the firm's leading malpractice attorney. She can be reached at 888-981-5602.

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