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Attorney Tips: Is it Worth to Pay for Marketing Help?

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Attorney Tips: Is it Worth to Pay for Marketing Help?

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Lawyers and law firms are notoriously busy; this can make the idea of adding marketing to the list of tasks an attorney has to do on a day-to-day basis feel both intimidating and overwhelming. Some attorneys and law firms choose to combat this issue by hiring an attorney marketing service to handle some or all of their marketing strategies. While there are many attorney marketing services out there, each with a specialization in different types of content, these services don’t come for free. 

Deciding whether or not it is worth it to pay for marketing help really boils down to the issue of time and content quality. If the attorneys in a firm do not have the time to commit to a consistent, professional marketing strategy, a marketing service might be a good choice. Similarly, if the attorneys in a firm are not confident in the quality of their marketing content, hiring a professional legal marketing provider is a great way to make sure only the highest-quality marketing content is generated on the firm’s behalf. 

An attorney marketing service can help optimize existing strategies as well as start new campaigns.

An attorney marketing provider can typically be as involved or uninvolved as the client choses. This allows a law firm to get the most out of not only its existing content, but future content as well. For example, if your website and/or marketing content is not search engine optimized but otherwise is in good shape and working effectively, a marketing firm can help optimize the desired content in an efficient and effective manner, leaving the rest up to the firm if that firm so desires. A legal marketing provider might be able to help identify these areas and offer any necessary fixes to ensure that your law firm remains competitive with other successful firms in the field. This brings up another important benefit of legal marketing firms.

A professional marketing service can ensure that your law firm stays up to date with trending marketing strategies.

For example, video marketing has become extremely popular in recent times. As many consumers prefer watching video content over reading text, it is increasingly important to incorporate video marketing in some way for each and every law firm dedicated to growth and success. Depending on the service provider in question, their marketing strategies may focus more or less heavily on video content, which may factor heavily into the choice to hire or not hire a particular marketing service. Additionally, what works and what is trending in the legal world can vary from month to month and even week to week. While these trends can be a lot for an already busy attorney or law firm to keep up with on their own, it is a marketing service provider's job to note and understand these trends, as well as keeping their clients apprised of what is or isn’t working in the meantime.

Marketing is competitive, especially between law firms.

Another benefit to the idea of hiring a marketing service provider is the fact that other successful law firms will be utilizing these services. Therefore, if somebody in the firm does not have extensive experience with marketing and marketing techniques, not to mention ample time to dedicate to these efforts, it is unlikely your firm's marketing will be able to compete with that of the law firm’s that have outsourced their marketing to professionals. So, while hiring a marketing firm does cost money, it also saves valuable time and ensures that trending, effective marketing strategies are being utilized to the benefit of the firm.

To learn more about marketing services for attorneys and law firms and whether or not paying for marketing services is a worthy investment for your firm, reach out to a legal marketing service provider such as AskTheLawyers™.

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