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Attorney Answers: How Hard is it to Make an Attorney Video?

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Attorney Answers: How Hard is it to Make an Attorney Video?

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As video content becomes an increasingly popular method of marketing, attorneys and law firms have just begun dipping a toe in the pool of videographic possibilities. However, 78% of people watch videos on the internet each week, and 55% watch videos online every day according to Hubspot, which would indicate a new level of importance for video marketing. For someone without time or professional audio-video skills, making and consistently publishing high-quality video content can sound overwhelming—but the good news is that attorney video marketing doesn’t have to be any harder than you make it.

Attorney videos can be short.

In fact, a culture that has become used to instant gratification from smartphones, food delivery applications, and more often prefers shorter videos over long-form content. This means that recording a video of this popular length may take no more than a few minutes, and recording is, after all, arguably the simplest part of the video marketing process. Or, to save future time, an attorney may choose to record a longer interview and simply publish the resulting in videos in a series of smaller clips. According to AdAge, after one minute of watching a video, 45% of the audience typically stops watching. This is good news for attorneys and law firms looking to join the world of video marketing without too much of a time commitment.

Video marketing services can save time, money, and effort while producing a top-notch product.

One of the biggest marketing mistakes an attorney or law firm can make is believing that they have to make their videos entirely on their own. For an attorney to record and produce their own videos, the attorney would ideally have professional-level knowledge of the video marketing industry, as well as knowledge and experience using professional-grade video cameras, microphones, and editing software.

Not only does this represent a big financial commitment—audio/visual tech can be pricey!—but this also represents hours of time an attorney will have to spend editing and publishing the video post-recording. Rather than spending time and money on tasks that do not directly pertain to their day-to-day tasks, more and more lawyers are turning to video production companies for help editing and publishing their videos.

Consumers have high expectations for video content.

It’s important to keep in mind the standard of quality that viewers are used to when they come across a video—even videos produced by law firms. With videos of all kinds available at the touch of a button, if a potential client opens a law firm’s web page to find that their video content is shoddy, grainy-looking, or sounds fuzzy, there is nothing to stop them from seeking out more visually and auditorily pleasing videos from another law firm with crispers sounds and images. Quality is one of if not the most important part of what makes a video competitive, so skimping doesn’t have much of a place in video marketing.

Attorney videos can be time-consuming and expensive, or not. If someone in your firm is a whiz with a camera, microphone, and audio-editing software, you may be able to save yourself time and money. However, if there is no one immediately available with this particular skill set, don’t struggle through the process on your own. Make video marketing easier on you and your firm, save time and even money by reaching out to an attorney video marketing company.

To learn more about video marketing and the benefit it presents for attorneys, contact AskTheLawyers™.

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