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Are Lyft and Uber E-Bikes Safe?

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Are Lyft and Uber E-Bikes Safe?

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E-bikes are becoming a more popular form of transportation. But are these popular vehicles safe? That, sadly, may be a resounding NO if Lyft and Uber don’t take some active responsibility and implement measures to ensure e-bikes do what they’re supposed to do. If they do not, we may end up looking at more and more product liability cases, and not just in Austin, Texas.

Defects Lead to Injury

Rachelle Kuebler-Weber was riding on a Jump pedal-assist electric bike when the front wheel locked up, sending her flying over the handlebars and causing a broken wrist, a concussion and bruising on her left side. Jump is the e-bike brand owned by Uber, and it appears that Uber will be facing questions as to why the e-bike has a tendency to lock up for no reason.

These bikes are a nationwide hazard, as they are a common sight in most larger cities. The potentially deadly defect is turning the heads of attorneys, judges and representatives across the country as a possible class action lawsuit looms.

Lyft, one of Uber’s major competitors, has seen similar accidents that led to a recall of thousands of defective e-bikes. As more and more injuries occur, it is becoming more likely that this problem is the result of a defect in the braking system, and action will be needed to protect customers, as well as to prevent an expensive legal battle.

I Was Injured on an E-Bike, What Do I Do?

You may be entitled to compensation under products liability or personal injury law. However, it’s crucial you consult the right attorney and look at the facts. Not once had Uber notified their customers of the defect in recent years, so if you’ve been injured, filing a lawsuit may be in your best interest.

After all, issues like what Rachelle Kuebler-Weber experienced could have easily been much worse than her already-significant injuries.

Uber plans on replacing older bikes with newer models within the coming months in the hopes that hardware modifications to the brake system might solve the problem completely.

However, you can’t get away from the fact that Uber should’ve still notified somebody—or made some statement about the countless accidents that occurred. Lyft, however, did publish some sort of announcement.

Use Caution When Riding E-Bikes

Until the e-bike advances in technology, you might consider avoiding them entirely if possible. For the sake of health and safety, and avoiding lengthy legal battles - we’d prefer you remain unscathed. But if you have taken the chance on one of these e-bikes and were harmed as a result, please reach out to a personal injury attorney.

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