5 Important Elements of a Law Firm’s Brand

Written by AskTheLawyers.com™

5 Important Elements of a Law Firm’s Brand

Written by AskTheLawyers.com™



Like any business, a law firm’s brand should be central to their marketing strategy. Without a strong, well-defined brand, it can be hard to know where to start, and marketing can feel daunting. The good news is that defining a law firm’s brand isn’t particularly hard; it just takes sitting down and thinking about what makes your firm different, be it the attorneys’ values, strengths, experience, etc. 

Without a strong brand, it may be difficult to convince potential clients that they should pursue representation with your firm over another; a weak brand can also make it difficult to commit to and track the success of a particular marketing campaign since the brand typically provides the structure for any thorough marketing effort.

5 important elements that every law firm needs to define for their brand include:

  1. What makes your firm competitive? It is extremely important to identify one or more elements about your law firm that set your attorneys apart from those of another successful firm in your practice area. Are you a family law or criminal defense firm that offers free consultations and payment plans? Are the attorneys in your firm board certified in one or more specific practice areas?
  2. Why do people need your help? It’s also important to communicate to clients what your firm can do for them. Why does a client need to contact your firm? What can your firm do for them? Some people might find themselves overwhelmed with medical bills or enduring chronic pain following an accident; are these the incentivizing factors that you want to inspire people to reach out to your firm?
  3. What are your firm’s unique values? Every firm should have a core set of values that every attorney and employee in the firm is committed to upholding. For example, if kindness is one of the core values a law firm wants to include in their brand, everything about the law firm’s public voice and image should display that, as well as the treatment of clients and potential clients by the legal team.
  4. What is your firm’s promise? What does your firm promise to your clients with every case you take on? While it’s not possible to promise success 100% of the time, it may be possible to promise support, encouragement, and clarification. Whatever you and your firm are committed to providing to each and every client is your firm’s promise. For example, maybe a firm’s promise to their clients is that they will leave them better than when they met, even if this means providing additional resources for recovery in the event the case is not won.
  5. Who is your firm’s audience? The answer to this will vary based largely on the practice areas your firm works with, as well as where your firm is located and other demographic information including age and occupation. For example, the audience for a bankruptcy firm may include married couples struggling with credit card debt. Conversely, the audience for a product liability firm may include retirement-aged individuals who have received defective hip or knee replacements. Defining your firm’s target audience can make any marketing campaign that much more effective.

To learn more about the necessary elements of a strong law firm brand, reach out to a legal marketing expert.


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