AskTheLawyers™ Video Production: Services and Deliverables for Basic Video Package

What is included in the AskTheLawyers™ Basic Video Package?

  • One pre-shoot meeting to review your technical equipment and set up, planning for topics and questions for the video shoot. Attorneys must provide their own video and audio equipment and lighting. ATL can send a list of suggested equipment upon request.
  • One video shoot, conducted remotely, including technical assistance for set up and a broadcaster to conduct the interviews and questions.
  • Two (2) long-form interviews, 5 -10 minutes each, topics to be agreed-upon.
  • Six (6) Quick Question videos, about 1 minute in length, topics to be agreed-upon.
  • ATL will do a second edit to the six (6) Quick Questions in TikTok format upon request.
  • ATL will provide one video file within 7 days of the video shoot, and the remaining video files within 30 days of the video shoot.

Examples of Video Styles:

Long form interview:

Quick Question:

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