Do Motorcyclists Need Formal Training?

ABATE of Colorado, a motorcycle rights organization, is currently adding more motorcycle classes for beginning and experienced riders seeking their motorcycle endorsement. Beginner classes are scheduled for the weekends of August 16, August 23, September 6 and September 20. Intermediate classes will be offered on July 19 and 20, including one with license testing.

Studies have shown that basic motorcycle training can help save lives, even among experienced riders.

Most older motorcycle riders take up the sport because they rode in their youth, or they want to discover a new hobby. No matter what your experience level is, formal training teaches riders important skills that could save their lives.

Last year, more than 90 percent of riders killed in Colorado motorcycle accidents were men over the age of 45. The right training can help riders make adjustments for common issues like vision problems, slower reflexes and less physical stamina.

Common mistakes, like taking curves too fast or losing control on rough roads, kill hundreds of motorcyclists every year. Statistics show that honing riding skills through training refines existing skills and prepares even experienced riders for unpredictable situations.

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