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Mesa, AZ Truck Accident Kills 1, Injures 4

18-Wheeler Crashes Into House on New Years Eve

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

One person in Mesa, Arizona is dead and four others injured after a semi-truck crashed into their house New Year's Eve. I'm Rob Rosenthal. This is an AskTheLawyers™ Legal Brief.

Police say the big rig was getting off US 60 in Mesa around 7pm, didn't stop at the intersection, crashed through a cement wall, and slammed into the house. Ten people, including two babies, were inside the house at the time. One of those people, 50-year-old Todd Welliver died from injuries he received in the crash. Four other people in the house were also injured. Nik Rasheta with the Mesa Police Department says the investigation is ongoing, but impairment of the driver has not been ruled out as they await blood test results. Rasheta also says they haven't ruled out that the driver may have had a medical emergency prior to the crash.

Arizona attorney Tim Tonkin with the Phillips Law Group has many years’ experience with 18-wheeler crash cases, and he has this to say about this latest incident. He says,

“Preventable truck wrecks causing serious injury or death are a scourge on the trucking industry, and our entire country. Bad drivers, bad truck companies, and bad truck mechanics need to be punished so they do not endanger the public and malign the reputation of good truckers keeping the country going during our national crisis.” Attorney Tonkin goes on to say, “I hope this innocent family calls a specialized lawyer who understands the regulations governing truckers and the companies that employ them to make sure they are held to full accountability under the law. This family had tragedy thrust into their lives through no fault of their own and deserve full and fair compensation.”

The truck is owned by On Land Transport based in Fontana, California. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says the company hasn’t reported any crashes in the last 24 months. This has been an AskTheLawyers™ Legal Brief.

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