Does Medical Malpractice Mean That a Physician Should Lose Their License?


Sometimes physicians that are charged with medical malpractice should lose their licenses, but each scenario is complicated and merits its own individual assessment.

In recent news, The Florida Board of Medicine had trouble deciding whether to take Peter V. Choy’s license away. Choy was found guilty of making fraudulent representations, failing to keep proper medical records, committing medical malpractice and concealing material facts in the 2010 case of a patient that died under his watch after developing pancreatic cancer.

Choy never made any notes of the tumor in the patient’s medical records, and he did not provide her with a specialist referral. The malignant mass had been revealed to Choy some two years earlier.

The Board of Medicine initially voted to revoke Choy’s license, then reversed that decision, citing his forty years of work and clean disciplinary record.

However, Choy had been disciplined multiple times and cited for health insurer fraud in other states; Choy even lost his medical license in another state.

This incident represents a sad reality for some patients in Florida, with the victim’s son stating, “There’s no integrity. The system failed me.”

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