What Does the Medical Community's Resistance to Change Mean for Medical Malpractice?


From a both a medical and societal perspective, change has long been needed in the medical community. Still, the medical community seems as resistant as ever to implementing innovative safety measures. Below we will look at some startling medical malpractice statistics.

The Joint Commission, a nonprofit organization that accredits more than 20,000 healthcare organizations, showed that:

  • Only 33 percent of the 3,300 Joint Commission-accredit hospitals have achieved what the organization calls its “top performer” rating.
  • Around 2,400 hospitals operating in the U.S. are not even accredited.
  • Around 98,000 people die in hospitals each year because of avoidable errors.
  • Each year, around 300,000 people are injured in hospitals because of avoidable errors.

Formal complaints have gone unheeded, even by formidable figures in the medical community. Until hospitals and medical associations take it upon themselves to implement changes, medical malpractice suits are the only remedy that victims have in our civil system.

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