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259 S Center St, Suite 309 Casper, Wyoming
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Personal Injury, Traffic Accidents, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bike Accident, Construction Accidents, Bus Accidents, Auto Defects


Personal Injury attorney Grant H. Lawson had a vision of creating a law firm committed to helping those who;ve been injured and wronged, which could fight for victim;s rights and take on wrongdoers, corporations and insurance companies. Grant envisioned a place where victims of severe catastrophic personal injuries and their families could go to find courage, strength and justice in their time of need. He wanted a firm that blended his fierce advocacy and trial skills with the latest innovative technology and cutting edge science to tell clients; stories to a judge and jury.

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Grant Lawson

Main Office

259 S Center St Suite 309
Casper Wyoming
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Case Story: Wrongful Death of Oil Rig Worker

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