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As experienced family law attorneys, spouses and parents, Vaught Law Firm understands resolving disputes proactively and amicably when possible is beneficial to the long-term interests of clients and their families.

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5929 Balcones Drive, Suite 201 Austin, Texas
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Jimmy Vaught is all about family law! In 1999, he made a conscious decision to become a highly regarded, well qualified family lawyer. Besides representing clients in traditional family law, Jimmy is also an arbitrator, mediator and is trained in collaborative family law. He works hard to resolve disputes and takes a balanced and creative approach in all his cases, whether in collaborative law, traditional family law, family law appeals or as a mediator or arbitrator for other attorneys and their clients. He is well liked and respected by almost every opposing counsel that he has worked with, and though he settles most cases, he is a formidable litigator when the circumstances require going to the courthouse. His reputation precedes him with Judges and other top attorneys in Texas recognize his strength and dedication.

Jimmy is board certified in both family law as well as civil appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is one of the few attorneys in Texas that are family law appellate specialists. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, one of only 1,600 attorneys nationwide who qualify for membership.

Jimmy is also a member of many of the policy making committees of the family law section of the State Bar as well as a member of the Texas Family Law Foundation and the State Bar Family Law Section’s Legislative Committee, whose goal is to write and review new legislation in Texas.

Jimmy’s unique qualifications, as well as his excellent character and experiences as a husband and father make him a highly skilled, compassionate and problem-solving family law attorney. His goal is to provide excellent representation and first-class service to all his clients.

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Jimmy Vaught

Main Office

5929 Balcones Drive Suite 201
Austin Texas
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