Daniel investigates cases of medical injury and finds the truth for victims.

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A partner at Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. with more than 25 years of trial experience, Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer Daniel Jeck has tried dozens of cases throughout his career. Daniel has achieved remarkable results for his clients, which include numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Among his other recognitions, Dan is listed among the top attorneys in Medical Malpractice Law (2013 – present) by The Best Lawyers in America.

Education and Experience with Medical Malpractice Cases

Born in Philadelphia, Daniel earned his B.A. degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1989. He then went on to receive his J.D. from the Temple University School of Law in 1992. Daniel has devoted the bulk of his practice to complex medical malpractice cases. These include claims involving birth injuries, missed or delayed diagnosis of cancer and other illnesses, as well as surgical and pharmaceutical errors. Daniel has also pursed claims against local emergency rooms for their delay in diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. More recently, he has successfully litigated cases arising from construction site accidents and defective products. The most important aspect of these cases, according to Daniel, is getting answers for victims and their families. Typically, doctors do not inform patients when complications or injuries are potentially the result of medical negligence. Victims often do not know what happened to them and why. Daniel investigates cases of medical injury and finds the truth for victims. Even when the investigation reveals no grounds for a medical negligence claim, injured parties and their families receive peace of mind and closure from learning the truth about what happened.

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Daniel Jeck

Main Office

1634 Spruce St
Philadelphia Pennsylvania