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1350 South Boulder Ave W, Suite 410
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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1350 South Boulder Ave W, Suite 410 Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Steve Troutman graduated as Valedictorian of his law school class at the University of Tulsa College of Law in May 1999.  Mr. Troutman received numerous honors and awards from the University of Tulsa’s school of Law, including the Martin Fellows Smith Award; the Gable & Gotwals Outstanding Third-Year and Second-Year Student awards; the Judge W. Lee Johnson Award; the West Group Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award; the F.M. Rowell, Sr. Award for Property II; the American Bankruptcy Institute Medal of Excellence; the Riggs, Abney award for Torts; the Order of the Curule Chair; and numerous CALI awards as the outstanding student in various classes.

Steve joined his wife in 1998 to work on Social Security disbility cases while in law school.  He focuses his practice on representation of claimants before the Social Security Administration as well as the federal court of appellate advocay of Social Security claims.  

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Steve Troutman

Main Office

1350 South Boulder Ave W Suite 410
Tulsa Oklahoma