Mr. Steinberger knows the pain of divorce and feels like each case is his own.

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Mr. Steinberger spends a lot of time with his clients learning about their issues, explaining the law and how the system works so as to empower them, and developing a cohesive strategy to achieve the client's objectives.

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150 East 58th Street, Suite 2701 New York, New York 10155
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Mr. Steinberger, by nature a perfectionist, did rather well in law school (see, c.v.), then clerked for a United States District Court judge, and was recruited by some of the largest, most prestigious law firms in the country. During this time he went through his own nasty divorce and said to himself, "There's got to be a better way." He now dedicates his life to practicing that better way, bringing large-firm professionalism, practice and polish to the area of matrimonial and family law.

Mr. Steinberger continues to study litigation, negotiation and mediation so as to employ the latest and best techniques in each of these areas for the benefit of his clients. He serves as an arbitrator in Small Claims Court and other venues. Through his service as arbitrator, law clerk, and mediator, he sits in the "middle" of others' disputes. There he learns what arguments are persuasive and compelling and which fall flat, making him a better advocate, litigator and negotiator.

Mr. Steinberger also uses his mediator's techniques when he's advocating for his clients, sensing where an opening for resolution might lie. There, he ways to achieve consensus to his client's advantage.

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Chaim Steinberger

Main Office

150 East 58th Street Suite 2701
New York New York 10155

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