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With over 20 years of personal injury experience in New Mexico, attorney Allegra Carpenter understands the intricacies of this field, the local courts and how to formulate a strong case strategy.

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Allegra Carpenter is nationally renowned for her creative trial approach and presentation skills. In addition to more than 20 years of experience representing clients in court, Carpenter serves as a trial consultant and regularly lectures on presentation tactics. She teaches other attorneys the art of compiling case information, distilling evidence and creating trial exhibits that persuasively support an argument in court. She can organize the complex facts of a case into a comprehensive narrative that succinctly explain her client’s story and protect their ability to pursue compensation.

Guided by the principle that every person and corporation has a moral and legal duty to care for the safety of others, for over 23 years, Allegra Carpenter has successfully battled those responsible to hold them accountable. As an Albuquerque injury lawyer, her desire always is to bring justice to those who are catastrophically harmed by the actions of others.

Allegra’s creative approach to selecting, strategizing, and advocating for those harmed or killed in truck crashes, from medical negligence in nursing homes, and other personal injury cases, has earned her respect among clients, peers, and judges. She is a regularly invited instructor of trial skills, legal strategy, and legal graphic visualization . She welcomes opportunity to collaborate with like-minded advocates for justice.


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