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Galen Trine-McMahan has a heart for helping the vulnerable, and he has shown that he is more than capable. Not only did he witness the pain and suffering first hand while attending law school and working full-time in a local nursing home, but he simultaneously helped to raise his younger brother, Mehdi, who has struggled with Neuroblastoma most of his life. Furthermore, Galen already won his first case before he graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming, where he focused on trial practice and injury litigation. He also spent some time working for the Wyoming Attorney General. If you want a lawyer that is sincere in his practice to help individuals facing physical adversity, look no further. Galen is passionate about adequate client representation, and he knows how to talk to the Jury in such a way that he can paint a vivid and telling description to help his clients to be well understood. In fact, Galen is a published author of nonfiction. From the beginning of his work with his client to the end, Galen will be sure to remain accessible and walk with them every step of the way towards justice. Galen is fierce when it comes to providing legal supporting to those that need it most. This is evidenced by a recent trial verdict that he was able to achieve for his client where they received over 230 times the size of the original settlement offer by the insurance company. He has taken on some of the largest corporations in the country as well as battled at the Colorado Court of Appeals. Galen’s further experience In addition to his impressive resume, he has been mentored by highly revered injury litigators in Colorado and he has been awarded by Wyoming’s Legal Services Clinic for his excellence in the legal representation of clients. Galen is an active member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers’ Association.

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