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Personal Injury, Product Liability, Traffic Accidents


Michael E. Trauscht is a personal injury attorney based in Tempe, Arizona. He has over 40 years of legal experience. He focuses his practice on product liability, car accidents, and aviation. He’s been a licensed pilot since 1968, giving him an extra advantage when it comes to aviation litigation.

Some of his notable accomplishments include serving as an associate professor at Arizona State University, changing the law to extend workers’ compensation coverage to Arizona police and firemen, and appearing in Time Magazine, Newsweek, and an interview with Dan Rather.

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Education, Experience, and Accolades

  • Juris Doctorate, University of Arizona Law School, 1973;
  • Deputy Pima County Attorney under (Senator) Dennis DeConcini, 1973-1977. (Specialty: Prosecution of armed robberies, assaults, and burglaries.)
  • Associate Professor at Arizona State University, 1980 to 1985.
  • Legal Officer (and former lecturer) of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 1977 to present.
  • Member (and past lecturer) of National District Attorneys Association, 1975 to present.
  • Cases featured on National News Media: Interviewed by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes production of Who’s Who, Time Magazine, and Newsweek.
  • Director, Phoenix Trial Lawyers Association, 1981.
  • Member of Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Trial Lawyers Association, 1981 to present.
  • Law Practice devoted to Injury Law, 1978 to present: product liability, auto and aviation (licensed pilot, 1968)
  • Instrumental in obtaining changes in Arizona law which now provides workers compensation coverage to police officers and firemen while traveling to and from work, 1997-1998.

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