Legal Brief: What Are The Laws For E-Scooters?

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E-scooters are fairly new modes of popular transportation. This means each city is developing its own laws for e-scooter safety. Before you hop aboard, make sure you are familiar with your city’s laws for e-scooters.

This legal brief features Los Angeles attorneyJennifer Mahgerefteh. She explains what the laws are in Los Angeles for riding an electronic scooter.

Video Transcript:

I’m Leslie Rhode and this is an legal brief.

Love them or hate them, electric scooters are still wildly popular in many cities. In 2018 alone Americans took 38.5 million rides on dockless e-scooters. They’re especially popular in big cities like Los Angeles. According to the L.A. Department of Transportation, there are roughly 20,000 dockless bikes and scooters there. With more scooters on the road, there is a greater risk of accident and injury. A CDC report says half of all e-scooter injuries are head injuries, some of which result in traumatic brain injuries. They also say riders almost never wear helmets.

Jennifer Mahgerefteh is an injury attorney lawyer with Tofer & Associates law firm based in Los Angeles. She says that legally speaking scooter accidents can be tricky to navigate. She says:

“Since these scooters are relatively new, every major city in the country, including Los Angeles has had to create new laws and ordinances. In L.A., you must be 18 or over and possess a valid California driver’s license. You cannot ride a scooter on a sidewalk, exceed 15 miles per hour, or carry additional passengers. As far as liability, a lawyer will need to assess each situation individually. However if something broke on the scooter and caused an accident the scooter company could be liable.”

Now she says that while helmets are not mandatory for adults it’s still a good idea to wear them. And she urges anyone involved in a scooter accident to schedule a free consultation with an attorney so you can learn more about your legal options.

If you want the best information about e-scooters and the law, or you’re ready to choose a lawyer that lawyers choose go ahead and visit I’m Leslie Rhode for and this has been an legal brief.

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