Legal Brief: Veteran Disability Benefits

Veterans living with a service-related disability can seek compensation under a system called veterans compensation. However, as disability attorney Marc Whitehead explains, this process is not always as easy as it should be.

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According to the census, there are nearly 4 million veterans with a service-related disability. These veterans can seek benefits through a system known as veterans compensation. Unfortunately, this process is a difficult one, with many traps, pitfalls, and deadlines that can derail a valid claim.

Marc Whitehead is a disability attorney based Texas who handles claims nationwide. He says that in order to receive benefits, the veteran must prove that their current disabling condition is related to an in-service event. However, he stresses that this event does not need to be combat related. He says:

“Anytime a veteran has a disabling condition that affects them physically at whatever stage of life they happen to be in, they can file a claim for veteran’s compensation.”

He says that if your initial application for veterans compensation is denied, you should get a lawyer involved right away to give your appeal the best chance of success. Under current law, lawyers are not allowed to help unless the initial application is denied. Veterans also must seek out a lawyer who is VA accredited.

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