Legal Brief: Overwhelmed with Fiduciary Duties?

For many fiduciaries (a.k.a trustees, executors, or administrators), this is their first foray into the complex field of probate litigation. Many become stressed and overwhelmed keeping on track of finances, valuations, taxes, and all other related matters.

Charles Triay, a probate litigation attorney, strongly urges that anyone feeling overwhelmed by this area of law contact a professional immediately. He says the longer things go unresolved, the worse it will get.

Video Transcript:

I’m Rob Rosenthal with, and this is an legal brief.

The person put in charge of an estate or trust goes by many names: administrator, executor, trustee, or fiduciary. This person is in charge of handling the assets, paying the bills, and keeping track of all the finances.

The fiduciary may have little to no financial experience, so they can feel overwhelmed with tracking the investments, stocks, taxes, and property valuations of all multiple assets year after year. Mistakes are easy to make, and disputes among family members are sadly common.

Charles Triay is a probate litigation attorney in California. He says that if a dispute arises or if you feel overwhelmed with all the accounting involved with being a fiduciary, seek help as soon as possible. For any struggling fiduciary, he says:

“Get an attorney, or get an accountant. Many fiduciaries fumble around and waste a lot of time and a lot of money before they get things on the right track.”

Attorney Triay also strongly recommends finding an attorney with probate litigation experience. He says:

“I see a lot of attorneys who think that probate is easy, and they find out that it’s a very unique area with lots of rules and lots of time limits. I highly recommend contacting an experienced probate attorney who is familiar with this area of law.”

If you need help with a will, trust, or other estate matter, get professional help and choose the lawyer that lawyers choose by visiting Get in touch with attorney Triay by calling the number on the screen.

I’m Rob Rosenthal, and this has been an legal brief.

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