Left Turns Made By Vehicles Are One Of The Most Dangerous Maneuvers For Motorcyclists


Because they have no barrier between them and the hazard they make contact with, motorcyclists are exposed to more dangers on the road, which is why they are more likely to endure fatal accidents. Although any accident involving a motorcyclist puts him or her in extreme danger, accidents in which a vehicle pulls out in front of an oncoming motorcyclist are one of the most hazardous.

WNCN reported about a story from Huntersville, NC, in which a Chevy Trailblazer was turning left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, causing the rider to put the motorcycle on its side and crash into the passenger side of the Trailblazer. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver of the Trailblazer was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failure to yield right of way.

Running a motorcycle into the side of a vehicle is similar to running into a concrete wall, and even when a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet and other safety gear, the kinetic energy is usually too great for it to provide adequate protection. If a negligent driver has injured you while riding on a motorcycle, give our Greenville injury attorneys a call today at (252) 353-1200 to speak with an attorney who has the knowledge and resources to represent injured bikers.

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