Lawsuit Claims Disney Parks Violate ADA, Children With Disabilities Suffer


Disney is facing allegations of discrimination in a lawsuit that says that the company does not accommodate people with disabilities at its theme parks and violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to¸ a lawsuit was filed recently by the mothers of 16 children and young adults with disabilities that accuses Disney of dissuading the presence of disabled youths at theme parks.

The lawsuit claims that Disney had made changes to its accommodation policies last fall, allowing individuals with disabilities and their guests to skip to the front of lines for attractions. However, visitors to Walt Disney World and Disneyland must now obtain a Disability Access Service Card, which allows them to schedule a return time to wait in line for a ride.

The lawsuit claims the parks instituted the new policy to “cleanse its parks of what Disney views as the anti-Magic of such persons’ stimming, tics and meltdowns.”

Sadly, many children with disabilities are suffering because of a healthcare provider’s negligence. Disabilities including brain damage and cerebral palsy, are often the result of a medical provider’s carelessness at birth.

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