Is Laser Therapy Safer than Avastin for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Treatment?

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According to Opthalmology Times, using bevacizumab to treat retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) may be a more cost-effective solution than traditional laser therapy. Bevacizumab, produced by the drug company Genentech under the name Avastin, was originally used to treat cancer. Much of how the drug works to reverse the progression of ROP is completely unknown, along with any possible long-term side effects and complications Avastin may have. Without the clinical testing and studies to prove its efficacy and safety, it seems that the risks associated with using bevacizumab as the principle form of ROP treatment may outweigh any possible benefits until the medical community gains a further understanding of how it works.

Doctors know that laser therapy works to treat ROP. With minimal risks and a track record of successfully halting or reversing the growth of abnormal blood vessels, laser therapy can prevent ROP blindness. When it comes to comparing how cost effective one therapy is to another, this expense is negligible when it comes to saving the vision of your child. Contact our attorneys at the Shapiro Law Group. We may be able to help you hold the medical professionals who failed to screen, monitor and administer ROP treatment to your child responsible for their negligent actions.

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