Kentucky Senate On Board to Strengthen Protective Measures in Case of School Shooting

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Kentucky Senate On Board to Strengthen Protective Measures in Case of School Shooting

kentucky gun controlThere have already been eleven school shootings this year in 2018, and it isn’t even February yet.  Sadly, the public has become used to hearing about tragic incidents like this, and so today we have a juvenile in custody charged with two counts of murder and twelve counts of first-degree assault along with another town, Benton, KY, full of mourning victims and their loved ones.    

By now many have heard about the mass shooting that took place early Tuesday at Marshall High School.  Despite the fact there was a resource officer on duty at this particular school, two students were killed and many were severely injured.  One good thing that can be said is that the assailant is in custody.  

Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who has been a victim herself from a gunshot to the head in a tragic shooting back in 2011, says, “We know how to solve this problem”, and that in order to do that Congress “must strengthen our gun laws.”

Members of the Kentucky Legislature are adamant about protecting children in schools, as well, and they have decided that the solution is to make sure every public school should have an armed officer, a stated by Senate Minority Leader, Ray Jones of Pikeville, KY.  

The next issue that is being considered now is how to budget each school to be able to afford this since a resource officer is, in fact a sworn law enforcement officer, and therefore an additional person to add to the payroll.  In order to address this issue for schools that cannot afford to pay for a resource officer, Senator Stephen West of Paris, KY says both public and private schools should be allowed to appoint a “school marshal.”  A school marshal would be someone that already works at the school and has a concealed- carry permit.  The police would note this person as a part of their “active shooter” response plan.  Lexington Herald Leader reported that “the gun would be safely locked away at most times.”  

Gun violence and gun rights make up one of the most controversial topics in our country due to the fact that there are strongly opposing views about how to resolve and prevent incidents, such as mass shooting shootings.  Hopefully, ensuring that a qualified individual is available at school to protect children just in case of an assailant will be helpful.  The other issue of regulating gun violence is not a bad idea, either, to help prevent guns from getting into the hands of a troubled individual with criminal tendencies.  Hopefully, our country will continue to work to find a balance so that everyone is able to feel safe from and perhaps also with guns if they remain in the hands of vetted individuals.    



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