Interview: What You Need To Do After a Tire Blowout

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Stewart Eisenberg can be reached at 888-644-4288.

What happens when a tire suddenly explodes? Is it the user’s responsibility for failing to maintain the car, or could someone else be liable?

As Stewart Eisenberg explains in this video interview, the tire manufacturer may at fault for tire blowouts, especially if the tread separates from the tire. Eisenberg has many years of experiencing representing victims of defective products and defective auto parts.

Topics covered in this video:

  • How does a lawyer investigate a tire blowout accident?
  • Is the tire manufacturer responsible for injuries?
  • What type of tire blowout cases have you handled?
  • How can you make sure your tires are safe to use?
  • How can you prevent a tire blowout?
  • Does auto insurance cover damages from tire blowout?
  • What can people do to make sure their tires are safe?