Interview: What Should I Do After an Uber or Lyft Car Accident?

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Whether you’re a passenger or driver, there’s a certain way to handle an Uber or Lyft car accident.

In this interview, Alex Tofer explains what you should do in the aftermath of a Lyft or Uber car accident.

Alex Tofer is the managing attorney and the founding president of Tofer and Associates, PLC. To learn more, submit a contact form or call him directly: 888-981-5607.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Will Uber or Lyft cover your injuries if you’re hurt in a crash?
  • Are rideshare drivers covered in an accident? What if they’re at fault?
  • Do Lyft and Uber drivers need to meet a minimum insurance requirement?
  • If you’re hurt as a passenger, should you seek coverage through your insurance provider?
  • What should do you after an accident involving a rideshare?
  • Should you talk to insurance companies?
  • What should you do after an accident as an Uber of Lyft driver?
  • Should Lyft and Uber be doing more to protect passengers and drivers?

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