Interview: Veteran Disability Benefits Denied?

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If you’re a veteran, you can seek disability benefits, better known as VA compensation. However, this process is complicated, and often requires a legal professional to help guide you through it. There are plenty of traps to fall into and mistakes to make if you’re not familiar with the process.

Marc Whitehead is a disability attorney who handles cases all over the nation. In this video, he explains everything veterans need to know about seeking disability benefits, and what to do if a claim is denied.

Topics covered in this video:

  • When can a veteran seek disability benefits?
  • Is combat a factor in seeking VA compensation?
  • What is VA compensation?
  • How do veterans apply for disability benefits?
  • How can veterans apply for VA compensation?
  • How should veterans prove they qualify for VA compensation?
  • What happens after you apply? What if your claim is denied?
  • When do you need to get a lawyer involved?
  • Do you need a lawyer accredited within the VA system?
  • Can you get veterans benefits and Social Security Disability benefits simultaneously?
  • Can veterans’ family members seek benefits?
  • What’s a good resource for more information on VA compensation?
  • What is it like to meet with a disability attorney?
  • How long does the VA compensation process take?