Interview: How to Save Money in Divorce

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One of the biggest areas of concern for anyone going through a divorce is how it will affect your finances. Hiring a divorce attorney is not cheap, and if you go about things the wrong way, it could lead to financial disaster.

Kelli Hooper is a divorce attorney in the Atlanta area. In this interview, she offers some tips to anyone looking to save money while going through a divorce.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • What are the most common financial concerns related to divorce?
  • What tips do you have for saving money in divorce?
  • How can being more organized with your financial paperwork save you money?
  • Can one spouse remove money from a joint account before filing for divorce?
  • If one spouse doesn’t have access to the financial records, what can they do?
  • What if a divorcing spouse is a stay at home parent with no source of income? How can they afford to pay attorney fees?
  • Do you need a lawyer in order to file for divorce?
  • Do most divorce cases go to court?