Interview: Georgia Texting While Driving Laws

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According to Georgia texting while driving laws, are you allowed to use your phone while behind the wheel? What are the consequences and penalties? What happens if you’re involved in a car accident, and you suspect the other driver was checking their phone when the accident occurred?

We spoke to car accident attorney Kathy McArthur to learn more about Georgia’s distracted driving laws.

Topics covered in this interview:

What age demographic is driving the texting and driving epidemic?
What are the laws in Georgia for texting and driving?
What are the consequences for causing a car accident while using your phone?
What about people who say they can drive and use their phone at the same time?
What do you do if you think you were hit by a distracted driver?
Can an officer collect another driver’s cell phone records?
Is the only way to find out if another driver was texting while driving to speak with an attorney?

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