Interview: Everything You Need to Do After a Car Accident

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The steps you take after a car accident can have a significant impact on the days to come. In this video, attorney Logan Quirk explains everything you need to do after a car accident.

Topics include:

  • What should people do after they’re involved in a car wreck?
  • What is the insurance companies’ main priority?
  • Should you speak with the insurance company? Or should you talk to a lawyer first?
  • Is it essential to see a doctor after a car crash?
  • What if you’re uninsured? Can a lawyer help you afford medical coverage?
  • Can lawyers help you find a doctor to see after a car accident for no charge?
  • Should you see a lawyer after a minor car crash or fender bender?
  • Do car accident claims always go to trial?
  • Is the victim of the crash required to appear in court if the case goes to trial?

This video is for informational purposes only. In some states, this video may be deemed Attorney Advertising. The choice of lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements.