Interview: Determining Fault in Truck Accidents

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After a massive pile-up accident resulting from a semi-truck plowing into stopped traffic on a highway outside of Denver, the driver is facing 40 separate charges. Accidents like this leave lots of evidence amidst the wreckage. How can investigators figure out who’s fault it was based on the available evidence?

We spoke to Kathy McArthur, an injury attorney based in Georgia who has years of experience litigating traffic accidents. She explained how attorneys will investigate liability in complicated accidents like this one.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • How do you determine fault in truck accidents where the brakes were defective?
  • How do lawyers investigate crashes like this with destroyed vehicles?
  • There are signs along this stretch of road warning how steep it is. Does that affect liability?
  • Do car crash victims need to wait for the end of a criminal case before filing their own lawsuits?
  • At what point should victims contact an attorney?

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Author: Kathy McArthur

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