Interview: Could You Have an Undiagnosed Brain Injury?

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Sometimes, people who sustain traumatic brain injuries have no idea that they have them. In fact, a head injury isn’t even necessary to sustain brain damage. A sudden jolt to the body can cause a brain injury that is never diagnosed.

In this interview, David Klibaner explains how you can tell if you or someone you know is living with an undiagnosed brain injury. He can be reached at 888-593-1295.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • What are some symptoms of an undiagnosed brain injury?
  • Is it normal for a TBI to be diagnosed incorrectly?
  • Can you get a brain injury without hitting your head?
  • Why are brain injuries difficult to diagnose correctly?
  • Are there new technologies that can make it easier to detect brain injuries?
  • What should people do if they think they might have a brain injury?

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