Interview: Child Support Across State Lines

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After divorce, child support, and child visitation orders are drawn up, what happens if one parent moves out of state?

Family law attorney Kelli Hooper explains how this could change child support orders, depending on the family’s situation.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • Common legal issues when one person moves to a different state after a divorce
  • What changes when one parent moves to a new state?
  • Which state’s laws are followed when there is a conflict with child support?
  • If a spouse moves to another state, should they be working with a lawyer in that state?
  • What happens if a spouse moves out of the country?
  • What about bringing an order from another country to the US?
  • What do people need to keep in mind if one spouse is considering moving to a new place?
  • What if you move from Georgia and you have a Georgia order?

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