Interview: Can I Sue My Stockbroker for Investment Losses?

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When does a stockbroker cross the line from a poor strategy to actual malpractice?

We spoke to Frank Cristiano, a malpractice attorney with Cristiano Law, LLC in Denver. He explained that if your stockbroker mishandled your funds, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit to help you recover the money you lost.

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Topics covered in our interview:

  • What’s the difference between a bad investment and stockbroker malpractice?
  • What should you bring to a meeting with a lawyer about stockbroker malpractice?
  • Is there a difference between fraud and mismanagement?
  • What is churning?
  • What are some red flags that your investment manager committed malpractice?
  • Are stockbrokers expected to modify the buyers’ investment goals over time, for example during retirement age?
  • When should you get an attorney involved with stock disputes?
  • Is it possible to recover your financial losses by filing a lawsuit against a stockbroker?

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