How Poor Road Design Causes Car Accidents

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How Poor Road Design Causes Car Accidents

HighwayThere are many factors that can cause car accidents: drunk driving, icy roads, texting while driving, or a defect in the car, just to name a few.

But did you know that the road itself could also be the cause of the accident? Poor road design is a form of negligence that can have serious and fatal consequences.

How an Improperly Designed Road Can Cause Car Accidents

How can you tell when the road design is a factor in car accidents? If any of the following is occurring, the design of the road could be playing a role in crashes:

  • Is there a pattern of accidents occurring at the same spot in the road?
  • Are the same kind of accidents occurring with high frequency?
  • Were the designers of the road warned that accidents may occur due to the design, but they implemented the design anyway?

Types of Poor Road Design

  • A curve that is too tight to make at the road’s posted speed limit
  • An obstructed view that doesn’t allow the driver to see cars coming down the road
  • Lack of proper drainage during rainy weather that increases the likelihood of hydroplaning
  • Lack of proper signage
  • Poor lighting on the roads
  • Insufficient traffic control/lack of traffic lights

Municipal agencies can also be held responsible for accidents that occur due to failure to maintain road conditions and fix hazards like large potholes and debris.

How Do I Know if Defective Road Design Played a Role in My Accident?

Every car accident is different, and often there are often multiple factors in play. A distracted driver, a defective auto part, and a poorly designed road could all play roles in a single crash.

This is why it’s important to contact an attorney after every car accident, even if you suspect that you were at fault. Your attorney can launch an investigation to determine what really happened. This could mean holding municipal bodies accountable for ignoring safety concerns when designing roads. It happens more often than you might think.

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