How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

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Afraid to call a lawyer because you’re not sure how much a car accident attorney costs? The good news is that for injury cases, victims often pay nothing out of pocket.

Tyler Bailey is the founder of Bailey Law Firm, which is based in Columbia, South Carolina. He can assist with matters ranging from personal injury and workers’ compensation to criminal defense, family law, and civil law. He was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 trial lawyers by National Trial Lawyers Monthly.

In this Quick Question, he explains how contingency fees work in favor of victims because the attorney covers the expenses associated with handling the claim.

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Financial concerns do not need to be an obstacle for someone injured in an accident.

It is not uncommon for an injured person to forego legal representation or forego taking legal action altogether after an accident due to financial concerns. It is well-known that some lawyers charge exorbitant rates that the average person may not be able to pay.

However, victims of personal injury events such as car accidents are in luck; most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis and even offer free consultations. In fact, it is uncommon for a reputable personal injury attorney to charge any fees before the completion of the case, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research before officially hiring an attorney.

A good attorney will be open and straightforward regarding their costs as well as regarding at what point you will be expected to pay in the event that they are able to recover compensation for your damages.

Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency.

Working on contingency is a fancy way of saying that if your attorney does not win your case, they don’t get paid. Unlike other attorneys, you will not need to pay a reputable personal injury attorney a retainer fee, nor will you need to pay for their services throughout the process of building your case. Only when and if a personal injury attorney wins your case will you be required to pay for their services. “Winning” a case means reaching a successful verdict or settlement; at that time the attorney will receive their pay in the form of a previously agreed upon percentage of the winnings. This allows the injured party and their family to focus on healing and recovery rather than worrying about financial stressors on top of everything else.

To learn more, contact Tyler Bailey directly by calling 888-981-0034 or by submitting a contact form on this page. The consultation is free and confidential, and you owe no out-of-pocket attorney fees.

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

I’m Rob Rosenthal with™ and here’s a Quick Question: have you been injured but you’re afraid to call a lawyer because you think you can’t afford it? Well, here’s what attorney Tyler Bailey of Columbia, South Carolina says you need to know.

Tyler Bailey:

Well, the good thing is generally most personal injury lawyers handle cases on the contingency fee basis. That means that your lawyer will not take any upfront payment and they’ll get paid if they’re able to successfully get you a settlement or a verdict at the end of the case.

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