How Can an Attorney Help You?

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Michael Tilton is a personal injury lawyer and founding partner of the Houston law firm Tilton & Tilton, LLP. He handles all types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, industrial accidents, Jones Act maritime cases, and more.

He started the firm with his brother, and they have secured several million-dollar plus verdicts and settlements. When you meet with his firm, you speak directly with an attorney and not a paralegal.

Your first personal injury consultation is free. “We go to trial at my law firm…when we accept a case, we take it all the way.” Read more about Texas personal injury laws or contact him in Houston now by calling 888-365-1311.

Video Transcript:
My name is Mike Tilton. I’m an attorney at Tilton and Tilton, and we’re in my office in Houston, Texas.
I practice personal injury. All areas of personal injury law. I do car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, industrial accidents, Jones Act to maritime cases.
I did my undergraduate at the University of Houston, and then I went on to law school at the University of Houston, as well. I worked at several large plaintiff personal injury firms before starting my own firm with my brother. It’s an interesting dynamic. We naturally grew up together but we are best friends, and there’s a deep level of trust that we have with each other.
At Tilton and Tilton we provide a one-on-one service with you. When you come to meet with us you meet with an actual lawyer, you don’t meet with a paralegal or legal assistant. You have a lawyer talking to you about what we need to do with your case and then we gameplan it for you to reach the best achievable outcome.
We go to trial in my law firm. We try on average three to four cases a year, which is a lot more than a lot of other firms do. When we accept a case, we take it all the way, whether we’re able to achieve a settlement prior to trial, or whether we have to go through trial itself or even an appeal. We handle the case all the way through.