How Bankruptcy Can Make You a Happy Panda

People think bankruptcy is the end of the world. As bankruptcy attorney Don Bell explains in this video, nothing is further from the truth.

You can read this overview about bankruptcy options or come into his office for support. It is possible to file for bankruptcy, and here is an article to help you decide if a bankruptcy attorney is good for you.  The truth is, however, that the process is quite tedious and complicated, so after trying to file for bankruptcy, many people finally show up to the law office worried, stressed, and ashamed. When they leave, they feel like a weight has been lifted. Solutions are available, and a debt-free future is in sight.

Don Bell is a bankruptcy attorney in Grand Junction, Colorado. Contact him at 888-364-5048.

Video Transcript:

Hi. I'm Don Bell. That's B-E-L-L, it has a ring to it. I'm with the law firm of Don Bell Law, Grand Junction, Colorado. And what I do is I help people that owe more money than they can pay. You know one of the things that that's really difficult about bankruptcy is people think it's the end of the world. They come in they're ashamed. I have a couple of pictures of pandas and one of them's got the panda with his head down and he's he's all unhappy. It's been my experience that virtually every person that comes to me is not a pessimist. They're an optimist. And so what happened? Well they took chances that the pessimists wouldn't tale. Either that or they kept thinking well we can make this work, we can make this work, we can make this work. The mistakes that they made can often be corrected through a bankruptcy, and usually by the time they're finished, they look like a happy panda. My other picture that I show people is the panda are all happy and smiling. And it really works that way. Once you're through this process, life is much better.

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